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In 2015 our City was facing many crucial issues. Our core infrastructure was in serious disrepair including but, not limited to storm water and roadway health and safety. There was no “fix” on the horizon. Under the leadership of Mayor Suthers working with our current City Council our community has addressed these concerns head-on. At the request of the Mayor City Council has referred two ballot measures to the voters of Colorado Springs over the past several years. First was Issue 2C which when approved by the voters immediately began to address the “pot hole” and roadway crisis. 2C was followed by a ballot measure also approved by the voters to put in place a stormwater fee to address the critical condition of our City’s stormwater infrastructure.
Because of 2C and the stormwater fee the Colorado Springs’ General Fund is freed up to support our first responders. We are able to support the Mayor’s budget that includes 120 new police officers and pay increases for our police and firefighters. Keeping our City safe requires that we fund our public safety departments.
In 2015 our economy was coming back but, slowly. Under the leadership of the Mayor and City Council along with our business community’s support and our Urban Renewal efforts the landscape of our community is changing positively. Our local economy has bounced back in a huge way bringing new employers and good paying jobs to our City.
My message to the voters in my campaign in 2015 was a promise that I would work to create a community that attracts quality jobs, support the repair and re-building our community’s infrastructure, expand our local economy and revenue, and work to keep Colorado Springs safe while supporting our first responders. I was aware that it was a heavy lift but, I believed that we could do it. So It is with a mix of pride and satisfaction that I could play a leadership role in achieving many of these goals.
I ask for your support and look forward to working with the Citizens of our great City as I seek re-election in April of 2019.

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