Continue the City Council Mayor collaboration journey because success speaks for itself as Colorado Springs is Rated Most Desirable City to Live; Best City for Military Veterans and Most Attractive City for Millennials

"Tom Strand has been steadfast in his support of the public infrastructure and job creation initiatives that have helped transform Colorado Springs over the past four years."

Mayor John Suthers

2C Overwhelmingly Approved by City Voters

Miles of Roadway (Pothole) Repair Completed

  • Support Phase 2 of City Infrastructure Rebuild

Voters Approve Funding for Stormwater Infrastructure and Repair and Rebuild Underway

Continue Emphasis on Economic Development in our Downtown, South Nevada and Colorado Springs Airport

  • Supported Updated Banning Lewis Ranch Annexation
  • Supported Strawberry Fields Park Exchange with Broadmoor Hotel Bringing more Access and Maintenance to Open Space for our Citizens



  • Championed “Don’t Sit, Don’t Lie” Ordinance
  • Fund 8 Point Homeless PlanPublic Safety

Public Safety

  • Additional Police and Fire including HAZMAT Firefighter Team
  • Increase Wildfire Preparedness
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